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KINKONG Electrical Co., Ltd. is a company who has and will continue to change the way auto parts products are developed and launched. We are a fully integrated manufacturer with product design, manufacturing, sales and service to support our customers. Over the last 10 years operations, KINKONG has evolved to become one of the most trusted suppliers in the aftermarket automotive industry.


Meeting the needs of the automotive society in safety, comfort, and consideration for the environment, KINKONG operate its auto aftermarket business globally to offer various auto connectors with superb technologies and quality.


Our connectors are used in wiring harnesses for transmitting electric power and information in vehicles and products environmentally friendly. A harness consists of electric wires, connectors, terminals, etc. Each component is designed to ensure reliable transmission of energy and information in the severe in-vehicle environment characterized mainly by high temperature, vibration, moisture, and noise.

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